Lovely Wedding Sicily | Lovely - Wedding in Sicily
Italian Wedding planner specialized in assisting foreign couples, organizing their most beautiful day in Sicily, Italy. It will provide you with in depth insights about the territory and guide you to solutions that will suit you at the best.
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"To have seen Italy without having seen Sicily is not to have seen Italy at all, for Sicily is the clue to everything."

(J. W. Goethe)
Take a bit more than two millennium of mankind history and a mixture of nature, mix them together, and then enclosed it within Roman and Greek sea… now you are a closer to can picture in your mind how this wonderful island looks like. However, you still have more to discover… Sicily is one of the most eclectic places in the world: you could find Baroccan Church built on the ruins of Greek temples or Arab palaces next to Medieval castles, or even more, you could ski in front of the Greek sea…
Sicily is like in a high fashion boutique where you will find all you could dream. And as your courtiers, we model it to as a dress so to fit your most beautiful day at the best.


Organizing a wedding for a couple can generate stress. However this should not be happen. And that it why, “have fun” is a must for us!
We think that your wedding has to be unique! We will help and guide you through all wedding-related matters so to create together your lovely perfect day.
Lovely wedding is a high creative agency boutique, specialized in wedding and event planning founded in Siracusa by Sabrina Conti.
In our solutions, we provide a unique and tailored approach so to meet client wishes and make them come true.

Dream it and we will make it real!



Wedding style and concept planning

Wedding Day coordination

Vendor Selection

Reception planning


Sicily is a unique destination wedding!

You can choose among a lot of venues.. all depends on which style you prefer!
Wherever you will be celebrating your day in Sicily, you can be sure that a warm welcome is waiting for you!

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