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Lovely Wedding is an event and wedding planning firm specialized in assisting foreign couples, both heterosexual and homosexuals, organizing their most beautiful day in Sicily, Italy. It will provide you with in depth insights about the territory and guide you to solutions that will suit you at the best.
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Sicily: a perfect destination for your wedding in Italy

05 Feb Sicily: a perfect destination for your wedding in Italy

Do you like Tuscany countryside but you think it is too expensive? Do you like Amalfi coast but it may be too complex to organize? Well, then Sicily is the place you are looking for. In Sicily you could enjoy all these things at the equal or superior quality without worrying about costs or organization.

Being not fully exploited yet by the largest tourism industry makes it perfect for your wedding. You will be surprised by seeing Greek temples next to superb Baroque architectures and immerse in that charming countryside. Sicily is the most eclectic place you could ever experience. Thanks to its glorious and long history, Sicily is a unique collection of Greek, Roman, Arab, Northman and Spanish gems that through the centuries have embellished this island. Don’t you know? Well then, just google cities like Siracusa, Ragusa, Palermo, Taormina or Noto as examples.


Sicily is also one of the places with the highest biodiversity, in the entire Europe. Just to give you an example, you could ski down from the highest European Vulcan, Etna while enjoying the view of the magnificent Greek sea!

Having had such a prestigious history gave to Sicily a wide assortment of castles and aristocratic villas that, nowadays, may be the brilliant venue for your wedding reception and, in some cases, for your civil ceremony as well. The magnificent “Donnafugata” Castle is just one example of the type of unforgettable wedding you can have. You could easily find the one suits your dreams better.


Another fundamental point when deciding your wedding destination is certainly the food and what’s better than Sicily?! The Sicilian cuisine has one of the strongest and richest traditions, which significantly contributed to the creation of the myth of the “Italian food”. An example, well, the invention of ice-cream of course! And if you are familiar with the “slow food concept”, here is the rule!

Last but not least, you should not underestimate the value of flights connections between Sicily and the rest of Europe. Sicily has 4 main airports, Catania, Palermo, Ragusa (Comiso) and Trapani. These are not only strategically placed in order to cover the island fully but they are directly connected with all major European cities likes London, Manchester, Frankfurt, Berlin, Brussels, Paris, Copenhagen and more. This is a significant advantage when moving a number of people to a specific distant location for a short period like a weekend, for example.

Throughout your entire stay with your family and your friends you will be able to enjoy the exclusive and warm atmosphere that Sicily can give you. In other words, all you dreamed of your wedding, here you may come true!

Well, what else are you waiting for? Just contact us and we will be happy to navigate you through this wide and unique catalogue of opportunities in order to make your wedding experience unforgettable for you and your guests!

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