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Lovely wedding is an event and wedding planning firm specialized in assisting foreign couples, both heterosexual and homosexuals, organizing their most beautiful day in Sicily, Italy. It will provide you with in depth insights about the territory and guide you to solutions that will suit you at the best.
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In Sicily, the wedding day is always seen as the most important moment in the life journey of a young lady. As sicilian, Sabrina has always brought this in her heart…
After many years spent as project manager in organizing events in Rome and Italy, Sabrina had decided to undertake her own business as professional and certified wedding planner and founded Lovely Weddings. The idea of entering into the wedding industry came, almost as a joke, at time of her own wedding. Her sincere passion for elegant design together with her ambition in creating and organizing splendid events guided her into this business area.
Sabrina is also an international lawyer which represents an excellent match for foreign couples who want to celebrate their marriage in Italy since she will support and assist you in every aspects of the organization.

“We truly appreciated your passion and dedication in making our own wishes come true. Our friends and family are still thrilling about the magnificent location and the amazing party. Thank you so much, Sabrina!”

Jack and Laura

“Grazie Mille, Sabrina!:-) for the splendid weekend and for letting us relax (especially Helle, eheheh!) and enjoy the moment with our loved ones. We will never forget your loving-kindness and your dedication in taking care of all the little days which have made our day… Super!”


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